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Junge Männer in bunten T-Shirts sitzen an mehreren Tischen an ihren Laptops - betahaus finteck Hackathon

Fintech Hackathon for Teams and Startups with Data-Driven Solutions

We’re excited to team up with BNP Paribas for their third International Hackathon! Taking place 9 to 11 June, this year’s hackathon is open to startups…

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Why now is the time for FinTech in Berlin

We invest in a broad range of verticals. Companies need to be digital, innovative and scalable to fit our investment criteria. FinTech is one of the…

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Man using a mobile phone

Seven fintech startups about to go big

The era of basic online banking services has nearly passed, whilst the era of consumers and businesses performing financial transactions online has truly begun. The financial…

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