Ride the wave of change with a training session from Endocode

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We live in interesting times.

Clusters and clouds are becoming ever more popular, software finds itself increasingly packaged up in containers, infrastructure is being retooled along all these lines, and DevOps is stepping up as the way to handle these new realities.

Now, just as much as ever, it is essential to keep your IT skills up-to-date so you can ride the wave of change.

Endocode provides services to numerous customers in these emerging areas, including software containers, cloud computing, clustered networking, and continuous integration and deployment pipelines. As a result we have built up extensive expertise in IT development and operations.

Which is why we are excited to announce that we will begin passing on the benefit of our experience in the form of a new range of training programmes.

Endocode Academy

As part of our new initiative, we are launching the Endocode Academy, a regularly scheduled series of training sessions each following a set programme. Sessions are held regularly and are open to the public. We keep the size of sessions relatively small (a dozen participants), meaning the atmosphere is intimate and the instructors have a chance to get to know every participant and their needs — think seminar rather than lecture.

docker kubernetes

By attending this academy, participants will have the chance to learn about exciting new technologies. In the inaugural event of this new series, “Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes”, participants will learn how to combine the power of Docker containers and Google’s Kubernetes to make the creation and management of clusters simple yet powerful.

Currently announced dates are:

  • 10th – 12th Feb 2016
  • 20th – 22nd Apr 2016
  • 8th – 10th Jun 2016

To learn more, check out our Trainings page.

On-site Trainings

In addition to the Academy, we’re also stepping up our efforts in on-site trainings for private customers. Anyone can purchase any of our training courses and have our instructors deliver it on your premises (in English or German).

The delivery mode is very similar to the Academy sessions — small, intimate — but has the added benefit of being customizable by the client. The outline from any of our existing courses can be taken as a starting point and additions or removals of material can be requested as desired.

At this time, Endocode mainly covers customers in Europe. If you’re seeking training on subjects like Docker and Kubernetes in the US, please get in contact with CoreOS. CoreOS are our partners across the Atlantic, with whom we’ve teamed up to produce trainings in these areas and more.

Core OS

Ride the Wave

We’re doing this because change is constant. The IT world continues to move as rapidly as it always has. If you don’t keep moving, you risk being washed away by the endless change.

Endocode is fortunate to be at the forefront of the current changes, but we realise that not everyone is in a good position to adapt to changes by themselves. By providing our assistance, we’re offering others the opportunity to keep up with those changes.

With an Endocode training, you’ll be able to keep your head above water and ride the wave of change.


Author: Endocode
Published on December 17, 2015
Original Blogpost: https://endocode.com/blog/2015/12/17/riding-the-wave-of-change-with-a-training-from-endocode/

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