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The future is mobile and apps, except that isn’t

Benedict Evans part of the Andreessen & Horowitz family and one of Silicon Valley’s most important blogger on the difference of using mobile and being mobile. A great analysis with some fancy data and visualizations.

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What successful leaders read every morning

The World Economic Forum has great posts and tweets on regular base. This one is about where great leaders of the 21 century get their inspiration from. From Obama, to Kevin O’Leary to Warren Buffett. What is the first thing they read in the morning.

Check out the whole list at WEF’s Webpage

How to build a unicorn from scratch

Heidi Roizen is Operating Partner at DFJ a Venture Capitalist with an impressive portfolio, Stanford Educator and mother. In her blog she writes about her experiences as a VC and gives hints on how not to negotiate an investment. This is very useful for founders who are in fundraising process. With very much detail she describes the importance of terms, the difficulties with cap tables and the relationship between founders and VC’s.

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The rise of community media and why social networks don’t work

A guest post by Cyrus Radfar on the difficulties of the publishing industry to sustain and provide the world with relevant content, particularly in competition with social networks nowadays. What he says is really interesting because of his critical point of view on social evaluation of articles worthwhile reading. Furthermore he provides the reader with a future broadcast of this very particular relationship of two different approaches on how to present content.

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The one metric that matters

This article could be very helpful vor our analytic minds within the Startup and Founders Ecosystem. It deals with the question of how to find the one, the one most important key metric you use to measure your performance. Depending on your kind of product, on the stage your in and on your customer this theoretical framework helps you to identify the metrics you will need.

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