Pittiplatsch was a regular on East German children’s television for some 30 years. His show ended in 1991 but that didn’t seem to put much of a dint in the goblin’s enduring popularity. Today Pitti has a great following on Facebook where fans regularly post images of Pitti taken from all corners of the earth. Rights holder rbb Media was looking for something fun that would firstly entertain Pitti’s older fans, and secondly announce the availability of new Pitti merchandise.

What Wivern did in Pre-Production:

  • Analysed about 20 original episodes to fully understand Pitti’s lovable, impatient, sensitive yet mischievous character
  • Conceived an overarching concept that would not require a new voice actor to replace the singular Heinz Schröder
  • Crafted three humorous scripts based on sentences cut from multiple original recordings, so that the clips to be produced, set in the real world with real people instead of puppets, would retain Pitti’s character and charm.

Once the final scripts were accepted:

  • Produced storyboards and location scouted
  • Drafted and secured permissions and contracts
  • Shot footage for all three 2 minute clips in a day.

During Post-Production:

  • Composed original background music for all the clips
  • Conceived simple intro animation based on new logo
  • Digitally levelled sound files from original episodes with differing qualities to achieve a cohesive whole
  • Delivered final versions as mp4 HD video files for direct upload to youtube and facebook on time.

The project drew on most of the end-to-end service offerings Wivern Digital can provide clients, including humorous short-form writing, visualisation, filming, animation, sound design, voiceovers and music composition. So we were very happy that rbb Media trusted us with their awesome Pitti (who, as expected, was a pleasure to work with).


Author: Wivern Digital Limited
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