Let’s talk Digital Health!

Let's talk Digital Health!

Since all times lots of money and resources have been spend into the German health system. The consequence: it ranks amongst the best in the world – medical care, clinics and insurance coverage are on high levels. Why stop here? What has to be done to change a good level into an excellent level? How can we facilitate contacting a doctor, reduce waiting times for an appointment and timely discover diseases? Digitization offers a huge chance to use the existing potential for the good of the patients, so Let’s Talk Digital Health!

On the occasion of the World Health Day on April 7th and together with our partners Atlantic Labs, Ergo, Gründerszene and Onmeda we organize a meetup to bring together stakeholders from the German health system. Dr. Johannes Wimmer will give a short keynote about the influence of digitization on the health system and arising trends. Afterwards, a group of experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities which startups in this sector have to face, why or why not this is an interesting vertical to invest in, whether insurances are willing to cooperate with digital health startups and of course how all this affects patients.

If you like to join our event get one of our free tickets now, only guests with a valid ticket and a photo ID will get access to the event.
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