How to improve business process efficiency with enterprise mobility

Adopt mobility in your organization

According to the IDC’s 2014 MEA Survey the most important benefits for organizations from enterprise mobility applications are employees’ productivity improvement and sales/revenue increasing. There are also some additional advantages such us customer service improvement, costs decreasing, sales process speeding or offering employees more flexibility. What does it mean for the organization? The ability to manage processes and employees better – wherever they work: in the office, on the road or remotely. As the employees’ mobility is already the fact the more an organization operates globally or nationwide the more it faces this issue.

Adopt mobility inside your organization

One of the strategies many organizations embrace is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. It supports employees’ mobility and it is a great supplement or complement for the PBX system. But the real challenge is to choose and adopt mobile enterprise applications that boost sales people’s productivity, increase revenue and decrease costs in your organization.

Manage your team productivity

Sales people have an exceptional personality – they like to compete, never go to details, love when a lot is going on. Following them is not a walk in the park. So if you want to improve your sales guys’ productivity and motivate them effectively try a solution like Selligy. It is a calendar and motivation tool in one. This application allows sales people to manage all sales activities: meetings, opportunities, and contacts. And what are the advantages for the organization? On the smartphone or tablet sales managers see daily ups and downs, the hard workers and lazybones. It is a gamification app for salespeople as they compare the results and compete against each other. That makes Selligy a great motivation tool in the managers’ hands.

Take your CRM on the road

If your sales people spend lots of time on business trips improving their productivity can be really challenging. Being on the road sales people on the one hand need to navigate through the tasks and contacts in the CRM. On the other hand, the ability to quickly initiate a call and log it afterward is crucial. Why? Because no one likes to keep details in mind and there is no time to report the results manually when you are back in the office. And sales manager cannot manage the sales workflow without having access to the data. Here a mobile CTI application such as Phonedeck can be useful. In the Phonedeck mobile app sales people access all necessary CRM data can dial out easily and log the call afterward. To do it the only thing they need is a smartphone with their flat-fee mobile contract. One advantage for the organization is a real-time tracking feature that lets sales managers improve the workflow on a daily basis (without waiting for the sales report). Second is the operational cost saving – there is no need to integrate either any third-party software or a VoIP application.

Operate global business

If your organization operates globally the telephony costs can be a real blockage – international business trips, tons of countries and mobile operators. Changing mobile phones or SIM cards is completely unproductive and costly. If you want to reach fixed line or mobile numbers all around the world consider Virtual Phone Numbers from Twilio, the global communication software provider. How can it help in increasing productivity and saving operational costs in international companies? When you initiate a call on your smartphone it goes from the Twilio-powered app through your mobile operator to the cloud where it is finally routed to the local, mobile or fixed line number that was defined as the called party. Your caller will see a local phone number, that builds credibility and trust with your customers. For sales people it is a big ease that they don’t need to change devices or SIM cards – they can reach everyone using one device. Simply useful.

Choose wisely

Look carefully how your sales department operates. What are the biggest pains and what areas of the sales workflow can be improved or where can costs reduction be achieved. Redesigning the business processes to support employees’ mobility is significant if your company wants to track their workflow and increase the productivity. The presented solutions are examples what your organization can find useful in the market. Define y needs and choose applications that your support adopting mobility inside your organization.

Support sales productivity on the road


Author: Ula Lachowicz
Published on July 7, 2015
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