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CareerFoundry GmbH: CareerFoundry is transforming professional education and career development. We teach tech skills through interactive, personalised online learning, data-driven instruction and a next-generation digital curriculum. At CareerFoundry, we have created a mentorship-based approach to training skills that will help people reach job-ready status. Our courses act as a response to the shortage of talent relative to a growing number of jobs in the ever-expanding digital economy. We currently have four programmes: Web Development, iOS Development and UX & UI Design.

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5 Must Read Articles on Empathy and UX Design

Empathy is something designers are told they need to have - the art of making an empathy map is on pretty much every UX course syllabus.…

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Why UX Designers Will Survive the Apocalypse (and Other Hypotheses)

When I say the apocalypse - what I mean, of course, is the evolution of tech, the automation of many jobs, and the resulting unemployment. Among…

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7 unverzichtbare Tools fürs Front-End Development

Web Development Tools haben in den letzten Jahren unglaubliche Sprünge gemacht. Dank dieser Entwicklung können wir ausgiebig erprobte Programmbibliotheken nutzen, um unseren Workflow zu verbessern, und…

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What Does A UX Designer Actually Do?

What does a UX designer actually do? I’ve been asked that a lot since I completed the CareerFoundry UX Design Course and those asking have ranged from…

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