4 Key Considerations for your App Ranking Strategy

The main challenge facing all app developers, once they have developed their app, is attracting new users to the app. A number of user acquisition strategies exist alongside sustainable campaigns, retargeting and other solutions. The most important part of any advertising campaign is a balanced approach. When running sustainable user acquisition campaigns over a longer period of time, it is best to combine it with a burst campaign to gain a large number of organic users into your app in a short space of time at low cost. An app ranking strategy needs to be considered carefully for a burst campaign to work effectively.

How does a burst campaign work?

A burst campaign is an extremely valuable tool to improve an app’s visibility in a short space of time. There are two main steps involved in a burst campaign. In the first step, the service provider generates downloads through various app discovery and burst partners. These are apps which offer users an incentive for a download.

Through these generated downloads, the app rises up through the app store ranks, increasing its visibility. Those browsing the app store rankings are more likely to download those higher up in the list, which brings a second, free boost of high-quality organic users into the app. These free installs reduce the effective cost per install (eCPI), and the return on investment (ROI) of burst campaigns rises as the eCPI falls.

While the process of running a burst campaign is simple, there are a number of considerations which might present hurdles. Take a look at our list of 4 things that should be considered in executing any app ranking strategy: Mobile Search Optimization

1. Make Sure Your App is up to Scratch

Quality is an important factor to consider since the ranking algorithms of both Google Play and Apple’s App Store take reviews and ratings into account. Make sure that your app has at least 3.5 stars before starting any burst activity. If your app is of low quality, you will suffer from a wave of negative reviews when you expose it to a significant number of people. Take users’ feedback into account and make sure the app works seamlessly before launching on a large scale.

2. Know Your App Stores

Apple’s App Store ranking algorithm is completely different from that of the Google Play store, which means that burst strategies will work differently in each. Bursts for Android apps are a lot more temperamental – they require on average much higher daily volumes than for iOS and they need to last longer (7-10 days vs 2-3 days) to affect rankings. Consider these differences as you develop your budget for a burst campaign. Additionally, these algorithms are constantly in flux.

3. Understand The Market

There are big differences between burst campaigns around the world. The partners involved vary and the number of downloads required to break through into the upper levels of the ranking differ, too. Burst campaigns in the heavily-populated US, with its high level of smartphone penetration, require a much more significant investment than a campaign in Singapore. There are many other considerations, such as average rates of engagement and the leading verticals in different countries. Competition varies across markets, too, and it’s important to know what types of campaigns have worked in the past. This is why it’s essential to choose a burst provider who knows the market and has the right contacts.

4. Timing is Everything

To figure out the best timing of your burst campaign, consider which lifecycle stage your app is at. Are you launching a completely new app or reintroducing an app with new functionality? Are you introducing a mature app to a new market or region, where you can leverage an existing user base? In addition to lifecycle timing, you need to consider your burst campaign in the context of seasonality. For instance Christmas, Black Friday or a major movie premiere can all determine the focus of user acquisition for a campaign. Even days of the week make a difference for specific app genres and strategies. When it comes to a burst campaign, one size, or one time, certainly doesn’t fit all.

A well-planned burst campaign, as part of a complete app ranking strategy, can deliver high direct ROI by reaching a massive volume of users, as well as making the application easier to discover in cluttered app stores. With thousands of apps launching every day, a well-executed burst campaign can be the best strategy to stand out from the crowd of well over 3 million mobile apps globally.


Author: glispa GmbH
Published on September 22, 2016
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